24. January 2016
Version 0.13

We are happy to announce the availability of Panopticon 0.13! This version an important step towards the our goal of making static analysis accessible for reverse engineers.

Panopticon now includes a Abstract Interpretation framework that underlies many static analysis algorithms. The framework can be used to implement K-Set1 and Value Set Analysis2. For this the Panopticon Intermediate Language (PIL) is converted into Static Single Assignment form first. This led to us implementing a lot data flow and graph algorithms in Panopticon.

Aside from that we welcome our newest contributer Marcus Brinkmann who wrote a whole disassembler for the MOS-6502 ┬ÁC. The MOS-6502 is was used in C64, Apple ][ and the NES. We also continued in the laborious task of writing a disassembler for Intel x86/AMD64. The implementation is now able to decode most instructions used including SSE, MMX, AVX and the FPU.


  • Decode most AMD64 instructions
  • Basic Abstract Interpretation framework
  • SSA conversion of PIL code
  • MOS-6502 support (thanks to Marcus Brinkmann)