29. October 2016
Slow & Steady Wins the Race

We’re happy to announce the availability of Panopticon 0.16! This milestone took longer than anticipated, but it sure is worth the wait.

The improvements coming with 0.16 are less with code base and more with supporting parts:

  • Panopticon now has API Documentation covering the majority of the code base. This will make it easier for new contributers to write patches.

  • We now have a User Guide and pre built binaries to help newcomers to try out Panopticon.

This does not mean that version 0.16 has no new features. Panopticon now starts with a title screen to make it more self explanatory. Also, the control flow graph now displays errors in line with code so you can see where things went wrong.

To make Panopticon simpler to compile, we got rid of the dependency on GLPK and replaced it with the cassowary-rs crate.

The most important new feature is an ELF loader that works with static and dynamic linked binaries. Panopticon replaced its own ELF loader with the excellent goblin crate. Thanks the its maintainer @m4b for the hard work!

We also thank all who contributed to this release:

  • Andre Bogus
  • Harris Brakmic
  • Jean Pierre Dudey
  • Kai Michaelis
  • Stefan Schindler
  • Tobias Bucher
  • m4b


  • Remove dependency on GLPK
  • Provide packages for Debian, Ubuntu, Windows and OS X
  • Display errors in the control flow graph
  • Add title screen
  • Add API documentation
  • Speed up AMD64 disassembler
  • Fix major bug in graph layout drawing