Hey, I'm Kai. I'm a Hacker from Bochum, Germany.


You can reach me via mail/PGP and XMPP/OTR. I also hang around the local Hackerspace.

kai (ät) p8n (döt) io
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seu (ät) das-labor (döt) org
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I write a lot of FLOSS, both paid and in my free time, mostly related to infosec, mostly in Rust. These are the projects I'm actively contributing to.


A suite of Rust libraries for binary program analysis. The basic philosophy is to allow semantics-based analysis of machine code by translating opcodes into an immediate language. The long-term goal is to build a graphical disassembler that makes the last few decade's advances in program analysis accessible to non-academics.

I started the project in 2013 and maintain it is since then.


I'm one of three paid developers working on the project.


I earned an MSc in Information Security in 2018 from Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. I wrote my thesis at Thorsten Holz's chair for Systems Security. I developed a decompiler for AMD64 to C utilizing machine learning to guide the decompilation process.

While attending university, I worked as a part-time developer.

Sirrix Security Technologies AG
I interned at Sirrix (now part of Rohde & Schwarz Cyber Security GmbH) in 2013 and was later employed as a part-time developer. I wrote substantial parts of a TPM 2.0 library (MicroTSS2) and the TCG TPM 2.0 PC Compliance test suite. I evaluated random number generators used in various cryptographic libraries as part of the BSI project 197. I also developed cryptographic software for the TrustedDesktop product. I left Sirrix AG in 2016.
g10 Code GmbH
In 2016 I joined g10 Code, the company developing GnuPG. I did some work on GnuPG itself as well as on Enigmail, the OpenPGP plugin for Thunderbird. I left g10 Code in 2017.
p≡p foundation
Since 2017 I've been working for the p≡p foundation in Switzerland. There, I work on a Free Software implementation of OpenPGP.